At this time, the Illinois Trial Team has finished recruiting for the 2021 – 2022 season. 
Check back in August 2022 for interest forms and new recruitment dates.

Who should try out?

Tryouts are open to everybody. 

If you are interested in law school, or you just want to boost your public speaking skills, mock trial is both a great way to prepare yourself to study law as well as a booster for law school applications. The critical thinking and public speaking skills gained from competing can benefit just about anyone.  Any undergraduate at the University of Illinois is eligible to try out for placement on the team, regardless of major or intention to attend law school.

Recruitment Timeline

Recruitment typically takes place in the fall semester.


Tryout Process

The tryouts themselves will be a brief, low-pressure demonstration of the candidate’s ability. The tryout process does not require any knowledge of legal proceedings or courtroom decorum. The tryout is meant to screen out candidates who can speak comfortably in front of a crowd and think on their feet.

Info nights

At Info Nights, you’ll get the opportunity to meet some of the team, ask questions, and find out what Mock Trial is about.

tryout 1

The first tryout will involve analyzing a short case. You’ll give a short cross-examination and 1 minute monologue. 


At our workshops, our members will help you prepare for the first round of tryouts.

tryout 2

If you pass the first round, you’ll be invited to the second round of tryouts. The second round of tryouts changes per year. 


Q: I’ve never done mock trial before. Should I try out?

Absolutely – many of our members have no mock trial background, and do great on the team.

Q: I did mock trial in high school. Is it the same at the college-level?

Mock trial at the college-level tends to be a bit different. While the base ideas are the same, the structure of competition and debate may differ from what you’re used to. 

Q: What type of commitment does the Trial Team expect?

Depending on what team you’re on, members typically spend 6-9 hours a week in practice. 

Q: Do team members have time for other RSOs?

Yes! Many of our team members are incredibly active on campus and participate in other RSOs, jobs, research, etc.