Founded in 1989

Since we were founded in 1989, we’ve been part of a nationwide network of 400+ collegiate mock trial teams.

40+ members

Every year, we recruit 10 – 20 members to become part of our team of 40. New members learn about the basics of litigating, trial advocacy, and the American justice system.

1 team

No matter where our members come from, how much experience they have, or what their goals are, members of the Illinois Trial Team gain a family that will always have their back. 


At the University of Illinois Trial Team,
our mission is…

to provide an opportunity for students to acquire a command of trial advocacy, litigation and legal tactics, the American criminal justice system, and critical thinking skills through college mock trial competitions.

Learn about the Law 

Throughout the course of the year, members and coaches will host workshops on the Federal Rules of Evidence, Direct and Cross Examinations, Statements, and Trial Strategy to give you an in-depth look at what being in the courtroom is like. You’ll also get a chance to earn LAW 199 credits, a 3-hour Pass/Fail course. 

Develop Public Speaking
& Critical Thinking Skills

As you practice and compete, you’ll learn how to use evidence to construct compelling arguments, how to adapt on your feet in high-pressure scenarios, and how to speak persuasively and meaningfully to any audience. 

Meet a network of 80+ people

As part of the team, you’ll meet students from diverse backgrounds, different colleges, and fields of study. You’ll also gain access to our network of alumni, who go on to pursue law, business, politics, tech, and other fields of study. 

Why Join Mock Trial?

While the trials may be fictional, the skills, insight, and friends you’ll meet along the way are anything but. When you join the team, you’re in for an unique undergraduate experience that sets you apart.

About us

Meet the Team

Our members come from diverse backgrounds with different levels of experience, different goals, and different majors. With 25+ fields of technical and non-technical studies scattered across the team, read about what brings us together.

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